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Manufacturing Lines

Escomatic Machine

Stainless steel coil is cut using Escomatic machine to produce high precision shafts. These machines are capable of producing shafts with very small diameter, about 0.3 mm, and with intricate cutting edge shapes such as chamfer with different angles, grooves, sphere, cone and with step.

Cutting Machine

Micro shafts with flat ends are produced using High Speed Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine with high accuracy. These fast-operating machines can efficiently cut coil with diameter as small as 1.0 mm to predetermined length and defined straightness.

Heat Treatment

In this process, the products are heat treated to optimize its physical and mechanical properties to make them more suitable for a given application. This process involves heating and quenching of the items.

Straightening Machine


This is where the shafts from heat treatment were feed to correct the bend by passing it through the two cemented carbide rolls for issuing the straightness of the shaft.

Rotary Surface Grinder


The Grinder polishes the surface of the shaft with grinding stone, and smoothen its end surface while managing overall length dimension.

Knurling Machine


Knurling machine forms twill lines and makes streaks at the end of shaft. This process is used for strengthening the power of the shaft not to be extracted from the main part.

Both Ends Automatic Milling Machine


Automatic milling machine cuts four trenches on the shaft at the same time.  This process is called the D cut. It can process the width and position of the cut according to the requirements of customers.

Rough Barrel

Rough Barrel process is a technique employed to our products to smoothen the edges to acquire the desired radius even to a relatively small size. This is able to remove burr and smoothen body surface of the shaft to meet the required specifications.

Centerless Grinding

Our Centerless grinding machine needs less maintenance and supervision from operator making it cost-efficient and yield high production output. This machine works to remove excess metals to obtain the desired diameter, roundness, cylindricity and even out rough surface to refine shaft’s appearance.

Finishing Barrel

Finishing barrel is a procedure used to enhance the surface appearance of the product from the grinding process. Finished products are polished to give it a smoother, brighter and reflective surface finish.

Quality Control

Outgoing Quality Control – OQC is the last process to perform final verification of the finished products before it can be shipped to customers. It is vital to ensure that products conform to the customer’s standard and requirement. OQC tasks include: – Perform final visual inspection of the products – Inspect the overall geometry of the products using dimensional measuring equipments – Check the mechanical properties of the product All inspection parameters are based on Inspection Standard given by customers. Flexibility is significant to meet and even surpass customer’s expectation.

Latest News

We are happy to announce that our company is now ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004+Cor.1:2009 certified.

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